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The melody of the song

Le 27 January 2018, 02:22 dans Humeurs 0

What attracted me was the cover of the book, light blue, simple and quiet, which I liked, and bought it. So, to be exact, I first liked the natural scenery of walden lake, and then I began to like the meaning of walden pond painted by Thoreau .

Before Thoreau settled at walden pond, walden lake was an ordinary lake, even if you walked through the lake, even circling the lake, and you and me, as well as an ordinary lake. However, Thoreau, and cabin by the lake to live down, and a life lived in the lake, to activate a lake, since then, sleeping walden pond come alive, with life, and gave birth to the lake bank many lives! Thoreau was a spirit, and he let the lake live, and let the forest live, and let the pebbles of the bottom and the reeds live. Walden lake enjoys the love of Thoreau, and Thoreau enjoys the response of walden lake, the harmony and beauty of man lake, and the melody of the song.

I am not a slow man, and I can read quickly. But, only for Thoreau's walden, has a unique feelings, not sure consciously or unconsciously, the speed of reading is involuntary slowed down, thin savor, over and appreciation, even refused to read it, just like that. Seems to feel close to the title page, will break the link with Thoreau, no longer see walden pond scenery, even feel that oneself ruthlessly abandoned natural origin true! At the same time, it was abandoned by nature.

From then on, I will be a life in the reinforced concrete mixed smoked, unable to escape from the fetters of secular, finally drowned in a materialistic, lost a beginner's mind, the dream, the man who made himself the most despise! Thin walden pond, will eventually be my turn to the last page, by then, Thoreau should have into my soul, walden pond should already have into a drop of water, flowing in my heart, in the sea is enough to wash away smoke escapes buildings, street, let I can pull some idle, listen to the voice of flowers, smell smell of thawing earth, with heaven and earth and all things by the pity, daily! 

I love you

Le 18 January 2018, 14:22 dans Humeurs 0

I just saw a passage that reminded me of a man who is now a very ordinary friend. That is the case, "like hayao miyazaki said a words:" do you live in a city to rain, very want to ask did you carry an umbrella. But I hold back, because I am afraid that you said no, and I was helpless, like I love you, but can't give you want. "people say a word:" we in the city of rain, very want to ask did you carry an umbrella, but I hold back, because I am afraid that you say no, I said that I give you umbrella with you, you say no, I ran back. Like I love you, but you don't need to my company. "miles of whether you have met such a man? When I first met, I was full of joy. I wanted to plant a hedge for her, to cross the wild bridge of the village, to find the ancient ways, and to go over the mountains for hermaster of science in statistics .

I met four years ago, and two years ago, I vowed to forget that I had been friends again six months ago, and a month ago, the frequency of chatting was the highest in history, and now I have no words, even the simplest greeting. 'there are always a few paragraphs,' says Ms. Zhang. 'you're willing to go over every night.' Once it was that way, I could waste a summer chatting with her, and I would like to change our eyes for a long time to meet each other. Yes, that time was so humble, at that time I thought I liked a person to be together, but I didn't know she could say sorry. I siming chase, she desperately run, I said many times to her goodbye, not again, finally lost her life is not so difficult, I think still open flower, grass is green, the playground tireless teens are still playing basketball, table still have pumped up a few math exam, just in the past no one in the street when he began to hum the sad songs, began to click on the option of sad when listening to select classification, began to secretly see her dynamic and began to listen to her story, to a person see the dazzling sunset,


We always struggle to leave we will loathe to give up, will not forget, that's good, I tell you will loathe to give up, will forget, forget the rest of my life, whether it was cold when you think of her wearing a thin and drink cold water when you think of her stomach trouble, singing when you think of her voice. This life will not be together, but she has become a station in your life, see you lowly as the appearance of dust, listen to you don't want to let go of beg. Don't say you hate her, to say thank her, thank you met her in the best of times, thanks to her church you grow, teach you to choose the right person, teach you to swallow the tears into the chest, straight back like a man Serviced apartment Causeway Bay .


Just when I thought that this life will not have a chance to chat, six months ago, we began to chat, at that time I was in another town of private high school, she went to college in a junior college, she fall in love, and that can take an examination of 985 students with excellent grades, all day long hair talk show conjugal love, in the space in front of him to unload the whole body armor, she became a little girl, I wanted to tell her so many times, I still like you the whole body armor, but I didn't say, I don't have any reason to say. It was not cold in the winter. I didn't know whether it was the reason why I didn't have to ride a bike. It was the reason why I had to chat again. Yeah, that's what I'm doing! I'm sure you've been so unkind in front of some people, and then we never feel like we don't have a good time. I don't know that I love for learning's sake or to chat, in short in that my grades began to decline after the winter, spring is coming, I decadent, began to frequent pack night surfing the Internet, I don't like playing games, most of the time I don't play games, I just like to let oneself not so quiet in the silent night, I don't want to let him down, because I was afraid of think of her, it makes the story more sad.

Finally the college entrance examination came, and finally the college entrance examination was gone. I still can't resist the began to chat with her, she broke up, the heart is like a half-open door, the wind swinging back and forth, I can easily walk into her heart, you can tell her that I still like you that the whole body armor, but in the end I still did not open the door, even chat from white to black, even if she says she wants me to have been, I also to silence. A lot of times it's like this, and when you don't have an answer, you're willing to go through the bleeding to find an answer, but there's a real option to avoid when you're in front of you serviced apartment hk.

I like the word

Le 17 January 2018, 16:43 dans Humeurs 0

I like the word "thin cool", and it sounded away from the world, such as a small flower, white, fragrant, and quiet. Life may be a practice, flowers bloom as if only a few days. Walking along, there are some thin cold, perhaps the world see too well, will feel "thin cold"Sage online

Some people are naturally thin and cool, prefer to stay in their own world, and do not want to hear too much noise. Not indifferent, not indifferent, but inward and Enron. All earthly, not romantic; Men's feelings are changeable. self-knowledge, idealism. 

Often put yourself in the silence. At this time the heart is close to nature, quiet and plentiful. It is far away from the world, but it is not disturbed. 


Li Danya said, young flower, flower flower old middle-aged shallow, natural. Walking and walking, he no longer blindly caters to others, only painting for his own life. 


When several approaches, and a few degrees of qinghuan. The bustling crowd always feels a bit noisy. I tried to settle the soul, avoiding the wind displacement, the business of yourself, affectionately alive in the fickle world.&nbsp Business Centre Mong Kok ;


Wave farewell to one season after another. A personal encounter with landscape, tree breeze, and two people with time dependent, is warm. There are some cool seasons, and they are eager to bring up their hands and go all the way. 


There are not many people worth reading in life, and few people worth reading for a lifetime. I just didn't persist in wilfully and arbitrarily travel over land and water, not too late to meet with you. Then you come to me, in the light, in reality, a pot of tea, boiled you my world time master of biomedical sciences hong kong


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